My name is Cliff Goncalo and I like to call myself a kid cultured by the world. I do live in Berlin, Germany, but my roots are from Poland and Angola. Growing up in a small city in the east part of Germany, I often had to deal with cultural differences and - sadly to say - racism, too. But it was my giving gift from my parents, that gave me the positivity and strong heart, which never let me down and led me into very good friends and people. Due to them and their beautiful souls I developed to the confident, mentally strong and open minded person, who I am, today.

Another part in my character development relates to graduating from a sport-focused school. While it was at times challenging to finish school next to working in a bar, having other side jobs, and playing two or more basketball games per weekend – choosing this path allowed me to grow my independence and strengthen my ambition. 

After having finished school, I moved out from my childhood home into the next bigger city, where I had the chance to chase my dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Thankfully, the club gave me the opportunity to study besides playing and working. Thus again, I chose to simultaneously pursue business aims and athlete career. This has led me to successfully finish my B.A. in Sociology and Communication, while playing professional Basketball and working for different companies at the same time.

Now, after many internships, work experiences and other influences, I decided to dare and take the step towards self-employment. My goal is to build something that hopefully someday will be my legacy and a continuing dream for others to aspire to.