SEAT/CUPRA GmbH Germany & International

2018/19 was a year full of events and projects. REBEL Media GmbH saw my potential and hired me as a freelancer to work with their customers SEAT Germany and SEAT International. While the main marketing guideline was (and is) the increasing growth of the urban culture, my focus spread further. I carried out work in range from event marketing and brand communication, over content management and content productions, to creating concepts for strategies and managing influencer marketing. Accompanied by the hashtag #SEATsounds, we made many fascinating projects happen.

Nikeata meets URBAN MOVES

"Nikeata meets URBAN MOVES" was one of the first projects I was part of. My main responsibilities were researching and recruiting special urban cultured artists/athletes. In addition, I researched and booked locations. On top of that, I was trusted with all communication relating to the artists/athletes, including Nikeata Thompson.

#SEATsounds On Air

One of the biggest projects in 2019 was the establishment of the SEAT Germany YouTube Channel. To keep consumers up to date on all festival-related happenings, new artists, and more – we came up with "SEATsounds On Air". Since SEAT is sponsoring numerous urban festivals, we were presented with an array of opportunities and had the chance to catch many artists in front of our camera. On the creative side, we generated content through challenging the artists in funny interviews or via conducting cool background checks. Within this project, my main responsibilities were researching and using my network to recruit potential artists and to scout fitting locations.

#SEATsounds festival season 2019

Primavera Sounds Barcelona and Port, Sonar, Lollapalooza Paris and Berlin, Reeperbahn Festival, Wireless Frankfurt, and some more music-related urban culture events like "Preis für Popkulturen" are just some festivals to name, where SEAT was the main, or one of the biggest sponsors. Therefore, we had to be creative, innovative and think out of the box to promote SEAT in the most effective way.

Next to creating and organizing concepts for events or festivals, my main responsibilities included influencer marketing. For example, I organized influencer shooting tours in iconic urban locations at the Wireless Frankfurt 2019 and the Lollapalooza Berlin 2019. The idea being, that our brand ambassadors could represent the SEAT brand and car in the perfect urban surrounding. Throughout these projects I was heavily involved in networking, making use of both my standing contacts and establishing new ones. 

Furthermore, I took care of the urban artist area. SEAT is pushing the urban culture and wants to be a stage for urban artists. Hence why we hired urban street artists who drew and sprayed wonderful murals at the festivals. This led to many people taking pictures and spreading the art via social media, with the hashtag #SEATsounds. Regarding my involvement, not only did I research many of those artists, however, I was additionally responsible for all related communication and for organizing everything. On another note, there were smaller activities like a "T-Shirt Spray Action" or exclusive street art paintings which counted likewise towards my responsibilities.

CUPRA New Faces Awards

CUPRA is the sport brand of SEAT and was established in 2018. Our task was the creation of a new strategy and a new way of brand communication. 

CUPRA stands for competitiveness, passion, and distinctiveness. With the slogan "Create your own path", the brand wants to underline the unique pathways of people who are working hard and passionate for their aims. Honorig this, we decided to sponsor both the "New Faces Awards" for Music, Fashion and Film of one of the most known magazines "Die BUNTE", and the GQ Style Night during the fashion week in Berlin.

However, while creating this path stories are made. And what could be better-suited than to tell those stories in a special kind of way – in one of humankind’s oldest ways – in the form of a tattoo. Therefore, I organized a live tattoo session with Dominik The Who for every New Faces Award.