better together - mngmnt

better together - mngmnt is focusing on personas or groups with a vision, a message and influence. Creative strategies for individual, unique artists. The world needs humanity and people who are representing it.

Kya Kyani

Singer, Songwriter & Producer


By sharing her story as a queer black woman, Kya Kyani desires to reach minorities and inspire people to embrace who they are.


Rapper & Songwriter


The German rapper _mtsz_ ('mæd) aka Mateusz Goncalo differentiates himself from the usual German rap game through his significantly authentic flow and his realness, stemming from the various real-life experiences he went through.

Cathleen Theres

Actress, Dancer & Model


The multitalented Cathleen Theres is an ambitious, young actress. With her charismatic persona and her way of life, she wants to inspire young females to follow their dreams. 

The Session Berlin

Band, Event & Live Concerts / Jamz


The Session Berlin is a phenomenal band who brings coolness back to urban jazz. Through an event with the same name, they created a movement of equality and room for urban culture development. At The Session Berlin, unique jazz vibes combined with Berlin urban music culture set the pace.