rap artist & songwriter / PoC ambassador

The German rapper _mtsz_ ('mæd) aka Mateusz Goncalo is isolating the German rap game due to his significant authentic flow and his real through-lifed rap.  




Mat currently lives in Munich, Germany. While he grew up in Chemnitz, Germany, his roots are from Poland and Angola.  Raised by an overwhelmed single-parent and having had to endure extensive racial violence, he quickly had to grow up and learn how to stand up for himself. Hip Hop and basketball were his only outlets, where he could free himself from all the rest.



After missing some classes and feeling the pressure of being a burden for his family, he drifted off with the desire to make some quick and easy money. When he moved to Frankfurt am Main (FFM) he felt relieved but could not let go of old demons. Eventually, they dragged him back towards crime and drugs. Due to a mental breakdown he had to move to Munich, where he initially recovered well. However, his past caught up with him once again and he had a second breakdown, hitting rock bottom. 



After the second breakdown, Mat wanted to put his focus and energy back to what he really loves and what fulfils him. Music was the only thing left. With his music, he is picturing and recovering from his past, but aims to share good trappy vibes as well.

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