Kya Kyani

futureRnB artist / singer & songwriter / creative / voice of the minorities

The Foundation


Kya Kyani is a Berlin-based music artist who was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has Surinamese roots. Kya grew up as an (Orthodox) Rastafarian being foremost inspired by Reggae. At a young age she formed a gospel choir with her sisters and frequently performed, to be able to do what she loved most. Coming of age and being exposed to a greater scale of genres, she was able to organically grow in her taste and style for creating her own Future R&B sound, which is influenced through experiencing music by Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timberland, Sevdaliza, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Tony Braxton, TLC, Nelly Furtado.


“I started writing at a very young age, even before I realised I had a voice. I used to write stories about everything I imagined doing when I grew up.”



“Energy is flowing through me and expresses itself through verse and rhyme.”


After failing music school, Kya finds her path through experience, collaborating with multiple talented producers & artists from all over the world, and forming beautiful partnerships with people of the industry. With each session bringing her closer to herself, she found herself in a process of self-discovery leading up to present day.


“As we, humans, should be able to face our demons and divine beings without being judged or criticized, these sounds are an invitation to open up to the unspoken and the unthinkable. Experience and explore. Let these sounds guide you, whatever path you choose.”



Wherever there was an opportunity, Kya instrumentalized her moment to bring her diversity and creativity to the table. 


“Although I'm a singer and songwriter, as well I am a creative, I'm not confined to one topic. My created artistry stands for much more. I want to embrace and empower my audience and people who relate to my music and style as a black queer person”




"futureR&B" is a mix of different genres like neo soul, alternative and trippy pop, but it is not just limited by those. 


“It is a dauntless blend of emotions translated into melodic sounds, lyrics and vocals. An escape from reality and stereotypes into a dreamworld. On the other side of the spectrum, light years away from normalcy. There you have the possibility to deepen into the unknown.” 

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