Condé Nast Germany GmbH

Having won the title of GQ Gentleman 2016, I was elected from Condé Nast Germany GmbH as the official brand ambassador for GQ in Germany. As their ambassador, I had to travel to different events and venues like Worldclass 2016 in Miami, La Martina in Milan, G-SHOCK Mr. G Event in London and more. I was tasked to interview and speak with Influencers, VIPs, B2B partners, and celebrities like Jérôme Boateng, Liv Tyler, Will I Am and more. Additionally, I was responsible for writing an exclusive GQ Gentleman blog, and for keeping people posted over socials like Instagram and Facebook, which was pushed by the magazine. In line with these tasks, I had to create photos, video, and textual content.

GQ article

GQ Gentleman Final

GQ Gentleman Blog

Sadly, the blog was deleted in 2018 due to non-observance of the following elected GQ Gentleman.